Suspended in the deep – A Humpback Whale

Nov 17

Here is my new ‘Barnacled Whale  2014′.  A large Humpback Whale floating through the murky sea. This time I wanted to try using darker and deeper colours, and really build up the layers – i threw down quite a few different techniques – eggcups, acrylic stamping, the kitchen scrubbing brush, hose …. (techniques of my own inventions of course, ha ha.)

I hope he is enjoyed. I might actually do another one, with even more barnacles and some more surreal colour …

Barnacled Whale 2014

Barnacled Whale 2014


  1. Rachel

    I saw your lovely humpback at Soul Gallery…and he is totally amazing! Please, do another one and for the record, I loved all those layers, the eggcup,scrubbing brush…it all made such an interesting painting.So, so good.

  2. Janet /

    Love your work! Interested in purchasing the humpback whale and/or parrot(s).

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