A Painting for Skin

Feb 12

Gregs' Tattoo Design

Gregs' Tattoo Design

Lately i’ve been asked often if i could custom design tattoos , and these are some of my first ventures. Exciting and an honour.  Both are designed for clients backs , and i really look forward to seeing them translated on to human skin …

Pohutakawa Tattoo

Hollys' Pohutakawa Tattoo

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  1. Danny (Mattie's Cousin) /

    Hi Rachel, hope all is well in France. Or should I say bonjour!!!
    I wanted to know if you were still interested in helping design the tattoo we were talking about around Grandmas table playing shithaed?
    You must be a busy girl so if it’s too much pls don’t worry.
    Many thanks and have some smelly cheese for me.

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