Parrots and secret commissions.

Nov 27

Alpine Parrot/ Kea  (cropped)  2015

Alpine Parrot/ Kea (cropped) 2015

I’ve been a bit quiet on the old website lately – but not for a bad reason ! Lots of really cool commissions which i can’t show you yet.

Anyhoo, this is what i finished today – a pair of Kea, New Zealands alpine parrots. Such epic Scarlet underwings. This is one of my new pieces going up at Quirky Fox Gallery next month, i am having a little solo exhibition.

And in case my process is of interest – here’s a shot of it at the halfway mark – i like to use a lot of masking fluid and make a splashy mess before refining everything with ink.

Definitely going to do limited edition prints of this one, i’m pretty and pleased with.



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