Triple Creature: Tui, Gecko, Butterfly

Jun 10

Prestage Gecko close-up  2014

Prestage Gecko close-up 2014

Recently i was commissioned to create something including a few local New Zealand creatures – the Tui, the Forest Gecko, and the Longtailed Blue Butterfly.  It was one of my favourites to work on this year.  At first a challenge yes -  a good composition idea was tough with 3 focal points – so i decided to put the bold focus on the Tui and have the gecko do what geckos do best and blend into their surroundings (I used textured white acrylic underneath the watercolour to get a mossy/scaly effect on the branch).  Lastly i applied light washy butterflies, being careful not to put them in the line of sight / menu of the bird.

The blending and camoflage on the Gecko was fun – i am thinking that a big Chameleon should be on my list.

Prestage Tui  2014

Prestage Tui 2014

Triple Creatures  2014

Triple Creatures 2014

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