The Giant Wellington Landscape

Jun 03



I was commissioned to paint an epic landscape of my city , Wellington. Here she goes. So much detail ! Some close-up peeks ….. The weather is famously windy and insane here , so i’ve tried to reflect that with the painting changing between dark evening stormclouds and a calm sunset.






  1. Wow – this piece is beautiful. I love the colours you have used & the brushstrokes are awesome!

  2. Thanks very much Alana !

  3. lynn adams /

    Your work is awesome Rachel. Do you have prints of this and “insane french rooster” I could purchase? Windy wellington and my own crazy rooster are both portrayed beautifully in these two! They are both awesome and will fit nicely on my wall next to my beloved “Callaeidae cousins”.

  4. Hi Lynne,

    Thank you so much !!

    Yes, I do have a print of the French Rooster left, which i’d be happy to post to you. The Wellington one however, was a private commission piece and therefore i didn’t have any prints done.

    Flick me an email at regarding the rooster, if you’d like :)


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