The King Shag of New Zealand

Nov 06

King Shag in progress

King Shag in progress

This glamorous Bird is on his way to Quay Gallery in Napier.  The King Shag is native to and rare in New Zealand . It was great to paint with a combination of inks , watercolours , and metallic gold acrylic , perched upon a shellfish encrusted rock with a little glimmer of lost treasure.

New Zealand King Shag 2012

New Zealand King Shag 2012


  1. Susannah Fowler /

    Hi Rachel,

    You will be pleased to know that the King Shag no longer hangs in the Quay Gallery, it is now gracing the walls of our house in Clevedon. Love it!! How do we keep up with your new works?

  2. Hey Susannah , that’s lovely to hear ! The Travelling King Shag. Thank you .

    I update both this website and my ‘Walkerillo’ facebook page with works-in-progress and finished artworks :)

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