Watercolour portrait of the Armoured Artist

Aug 02

I wanted to build a face with texture , reptilian and fish scales , pangolin shell , armadillo patterns etc etc . This is what i came up with . I imagined it to be more abstracted and therefore not look like me , as i used my own face as model , but it does somewhat !

Armoured Portrait 2012

Armoured Portrait 2012


  1. Ashley /

    Hi Rachel.

    They say everyone has a twin somewhere else in the world, and if you painted this as a self portrait, you and I are twins. A good friend of mine was searching the internet for background textures to utilize for a photoshop rendering and he stumbled upon your website and sent me a link to this painting. This may seem a bit strange, but it’s incredibly uncanny the resemblance my own face share’s with the face depicted in this painting. It’s a beautifully composed piece, just couldn’t resist leaving a comment about it!


  2. Weird !! I’d love to see your face ….

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